What Is Video Marketing? Strategies and Benefits

As the name suggests, video marketing is the use of short videos to market your brand or business. It’s a fact that competition has gotten very intense especially on the internet as every business struggles to catch the attention of the customer. Video marketing is a great way to create awareness of your brand, inform about your product and convince the customer to buy from you. Therefore, your marketing video should be informative, brief and please, make it interesting. Below are some strategies and benefits of making a marvelous marketing video.

Strategies For Coming Up With A Good Marketing Video

1. As a business, you need to allocate some finances to the production of a good marketing video. Be very careful on how you present the message to avoid sending the wrong one. Invest in good equipment and have a team that knows how to drive home a point with a video-you really won’t regret it.

2. Remember, the whole point of a marketing video is to turn potential customers into active customers. But how do you do that? By identifying the customers need and offering a solution. A video should show how your product or service solves a problem.

3. The shorter, the better. Since you are not making a movie, let your video be as short as possible. People are busy and have surprisingly short concentration spans. If your video is too long (and boring) trust me people will hit the next’ button faster than you can say cheese. Therefore convey your message in the shortest time possible.

4. What good is a marketing video if only you and your production team will ever see it? Make sure that you take your video out there.’ With so many social media platforms supporting videos, you can post it in a dozen of them. YouTube is one of the largest social media networks, and you should not forget to post it there too. After posting it, make sure you create awareness by promoting it. Encourage people who view it to share. Also, ensure that you note the comments people make about the video. If your video creates a buzz, super, if it does not, look for ways of improving it until you get it right.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Through video marketing, you create an interaction with your customers. One of the things that will make customers buy from you is the trust they have in you. And what better way is there of building trust than by showing them what you are all about.

However, make sure that you can deliver on what you show on the video. Do not over promise only for customers to realize you cannot deliver on your promises. It will kill the trust that you had gained with customers which is detrimental to any business.

Search engines use different logarithms to rank websites. The more visitors and positive reviews your site has, the higher it will rank. With a good marketing video, you can backlink it to your site. In this way; your site will seem to be authoritative thereby attracting more traffic. Traffic is a good thing because the more people who visit your site, the higher the chances of converting them to customers.

Wrapping It Up

Video marketing is the new trend and companies that master the art of making informative and interesting marketing videos are set to reap big. However, for your video to stand out from the crowd, you must employ a few strategies. Invest in good equipment and make it short and precise. A good marketing video will drive traffic to your site where you can turn potential customers into active royal ones.

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