What is a Viral Video?

You have most probably heard of the term viral video. What exactly does it mean? A viral video is video creation that becomes popular through sharing by people online. The video may be short or long, professional or amateur, animated or not. It does not matter what the kind of video is, so long as it is shared over and over and gets many
views and reactions, it is considered a viral video. This popularity is often gained within a short while.

The term viral refers to a process of replicating when exposed to the right conditions. This gets its name from the replicating nature of viruses; the biological agents that cause illnesses in mammals. These replicate fast in the body’s cells spreading all over the body. A good example is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which replicates within 3months to detectable levels. The spread of viral videos is very fast and unpredictable.

What is the process of a video going viral? The first step is the creation of the video. This can be done using a phone, webcam, cameras and any other device that can capture videos. In some cases the videos are then edited while in other cases they are left in their raw state. The video is then shared by the creator, a friend or a relative; or any other person who has access to it. After this the people who see it share it and those who see the one shared by those share again. The cycle goes on and on and the video is regarded viral when it has been seen and shared by many people.

What kind of sharing takes place making a video viral? With the advent of many social networking sites that support video sharing, videos going viral has been happening with the help of most of those sites. These include
Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and many others. When a video goes viral, its sharing is not restricted to one website but is often done across different platforms.

The contents of viral videos are as diverse as the different interests people all over the world have. This means that the video can be on any subject. From the humorous ones to the educational ones to the promotional ones to music videos, all videos have the potential of going viral. There are videos that were made by people with the intention of going viral but most of those that really go viral are unintended.

Are viral videos important? There are so many reasons why the viral phenomenon is increasing in importance. It provides entertainment for everyone who watches it. It also educates the population on important issues. Making viral videos is actually a good way to educate and create awareness about things that affect the population. Brands have been using viral videos to market their products and services. These usually use brand ambassadors to start the conversation. The brand ambassador is usually a famous person with a high number of followers. He or she shares a nice video and encourages his/her followers to share. These share and the cycle goes on with more shares and the
views keep increasing.

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